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Silverfan 1.1 kW 23.01.004

This 1.1 kW fan is the most used one in Europe and is suitable for the bigger inflatables, like bouncers, obstacle courses and advertising objects. The fan consists of a metal case and is delivered including the hood. So, the fan can be easily attached to a bouncer or another inflatable. The fan is thoroughly tested and inspected and meets the safety norms of the European legislation. There is a thermal cut-off on the fan.

Nów temporary for only € 150,- a piece!​

Type: QF 1.1 230-50-eu
Voltage: AC 220-230 V / 50 Hz
Watt: 1.1 KW (1.5 HP)
Ampère: 6.9 A
Maximum volume: 1784 m3/h
Maximum pressure: 1750 Pa
Rate: 2800 Tpm
Sound: ca. 85 dB
Safety: IP55, EN 14960:2006
Weigh: 17,2 Kg
Measurements: 34 x 21,5 x 40 cm

€ 150,00
excl. VAT
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